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Managing Directors: Dr. Jürgen Böhlemann, André Groos
Walzenweg 60
D-57072 Siegen-Trupbach
Telephone: + 49 271 3758-0
Fax: + 49 271 3758-290

Court of Registration: Siegen Commercial Register
Registration number: HRB 1540
Sales tax identification number DE811160982
Entity responsible for the purposes of section 6 of the German Interstate Media Services Agreement (MDStV): LEONHARD BREITENBACH GMBH


Use of our website
We only collect statistical data regarding the visitors to our website. We merely receive information on which browser was used, which page or file was accessed and when, and which website was used to access our site in a statistical summary. No link is made to an individual visitor, and in particular we do not obtain the IP addresses of the visitors to our site. We are also unable to create usage profiles and this is not in our interests in any case.


Handling your data
We endeavour to implement the statutory regulations on data protection at all times and as effectively as possible when collecting, processing and using your data. As a result any processing is critically reviewed by our Data Protection Officer prior to its initial use. All individuals working for us are subject to an obligation of data secrecy and are trained on handling personal data on a regular basis.


Use of service providers
In the event that we appoint service providers to carry out work for our company then these are under a contractual obligation to comply with our data protection standards. Compliance with our regulations is reviewed by our Data Protection Officer at intermittent intervals. In particular the regulations under section 11 of the German Data Protection Act (Commissioned collection, processing or use of personal data) are of course observed and implemented.


We do not use personal data which you have provided to us to contact you for advertising purposes. We will only notify you of attractive new offers if you have expressly provided your consent to your address details being used for advertising purposes. Even if you have provided your consent for such usage but do not wish to receive advertising material from us in future then you may cancel your consent at any time. In order to do this simply send an e-mail to Your cancellation will be noted in our database without delay and no more advertising material will be sent to you from this point onwards.


Forwarding of data
We do not forward personal data which you have provided to us onto other companies. As a result you do not need to be concerned that another company will receive information such as your postal or e-mail address which would thereby allow them to send advertising material to you. In exceptional cases we may be required to forward personal data to government bodies based on statutory regulations or court decisions. In this event you can have confidence that we have reviewed the legitimacy of the request to forward the relevant data.


Information on saved data
We will be happy to provide information to you on the personal data saved on you. Please send us an e-mail at You will then receive a message by return.


Data rectification
Almost everything in life changes at some point. If you discover that the data saved with us regarding you is no longer current or that saved information is incorrect, then we will be happy to hear from you on this. Please send us an e-mail at


Suggestions for improvement, complaints
We endeavour at all times to improve our service in the interest of our customers. Please contact our Data Protection Officer should you have any suggestions for improvement in relation to data protection or wish to make a complaint. Our Data Protection Officer will then take responsibility for your matter or suggestions for improvement in confidence. Please just send us an e-mail at


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